The Company

aboutGophers Technologies Sdn Bhd (“GTSB”) Business Reg No. 790460-V was incorporated in Malaysia on 1st October 2007. Its principal business activities are to design, develop, manufacture, distribute & sell GPS Navigation.

Devices that utilizes the technology of the Global Positioning System. We are probably the first GPS supplier in Malaysia to offer our own brand and own design of GPS navigation systems.

Vision and Mission

Our mission is to design and develop GPS navigation devices that are user friendly and highly affordable, with power packed features that contribute towards safe driving and enjoyable travelling.

Our current range of GPS devices cater to both enthusiasts and the mass market, backed by excellent customer service which includes a toll free sales and service hotline, 24/7 SMS ‘find destination’ and technical assistance, 24/7 buy GPS online and fast courier delivery and a rapidly growing resellers network. Gophers originate from Malaysia, and will also be available in Singapore, Thailand and other South East Asia and Asia Pacific markets in the very near future.

The Products

The company’s maiden product is the Gophers TRI-O, a handy and mobile Personal Navigation Device (PND) which is preloaded with both MapKing and Malsingmap maps of Malaysia and Singapore. On-screen navigation is backed up by voice navigation, with an option of English, Malay, Mandarin and Cantonese languages. Gophers are in the works of acquiring navigation programs and maps for use in other countries.

Following the success of their Tri-O portable GPS navigation system, Gophers Technologies is introducing the Quatr-O range of automotive navigation device. With a 4.3” touch screen monitor, the new models will be available in two versions: the Quatr-O Drive and the Quatr-O Plus.

The Quatr-O Drive comes in a sleek silver and tactile black finish, is designed as an a GPS navigation device for use in cars and is powered by the SiRF Atlas III CPU and runs on Windows CE 5.0 Core version.

As for the Quatr-O Plus, it is all of the above plus more! It has a soft touch black finish with silver trim and has built-in FM audio transmission and wireless AV-in. This enables the Quatr-O Plus for wireless audio and video input, particularly useful for wireless camera application. The Quatr-O Plus now makes it possible to have a wireless rear view camera in any vehicle! And in keeping with our value for money promotion, for the purchase price of the Quatr-O Plus the rear view camera is included ….for free!

GTSB provides free map updates of Malaysia and Singapore maps for its users in order to maintain the high accuracy for their maps and navigation system.

GTSB is committed to producing innovative, value-for-money GPS navigation devices utilising the latest technology available for GPS navigation systems.